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NOTE: you have my full permission to share this journal on your account, i have no problems with it. You may do a video on it to let more people know about it on youtube or DeviantArt
no need to ask me, go for it,

okay with my grammar and spelling error's in this journal, i am very sorry for it, i have tried my best to explain what is going on. 
believe or not, i myself have a learning disability but i don't use it as a excuse or anything, i have had a lot of problems with grammar and spelling all though out my life, i just can not help it.    

Nightflight watch's this journal's comment's 24/7, so be careful with what you say on here, he will repost it on every website he is on. 

Please Read This 
please keep this in mind that this journal is always changing with new information and new screenshots, i would recommend not copying this journal but if you do copy it just keep that in mind that it's always changing. thank you for understanding  

he is back on DA as of right now 
his new account is :iconmintlallerrr: mintlallerrr {Active} 
alright if he does keep making a new account, the only part that will change on this journal will be the username, i won't be making a list of accounts anymore

there is also a new feature now on DA, if you block a user they can not see what you are doing on your account or if you are posting stuff, what is nice  
please block them as soon as you can, so you don't get annoyed by this user 

please do not file DMCAS file take down on nightflight's account, he can see all the information from it
Screen+Shot+2017-10-04+at+4.33.24+pm by AshDragon93
he has posted someone's information online without there permission
 22179820 599582977099390 8320877307487540336 O by AshDragon93

these are the sites he is on
now keep in mind HE always changes the username everyday and every week, i can never keep up with it. if you find out he has changed his username please post it in the comment's. if you find any websites he is on let me know in the comment's, thank you  
Facebook: Greig Blake Greignathanblak /Spencer Anderson spencer.andersonverselllllllllll
Twitter: <--- it's always changing {Private}
Instagram: rverselr dragonridah and yyxnightflightyyx… {Private}
Tumblr: <--- it's always changing {Private} 
Myspace: {Private}
Virink: (on his account he said he would not give this out to the public ;)

i moved this up so it's easy to find 

what he thinks people are and himself
well the first one is he thinks everyone is a Teenager on the internet, even if you say you are not he will still think you are one. he also calls people a dumbass and stupid, it seems to be his only insult from what i can see. He thinks with people's icons they are that thing in there icon and see's you as it, so with my account icon :iconashdragon93: he thinks i'm a dragon, he even said this 
Screen+Shot+2017-04-03+at+4.18.25+am by AshDragon93

he also thinks he is a dragon too i got a screenshot of him saying something messed up
Screen+Shot+2017-11-05+at+12.24.33+pm by AshDragon93 

NightFlightVersel is now officially no longer stealing art from just Deviantart.
hes stealing it from EVERYWHERE. tumblr, pinterest, deviantart, facebook,twitter,even GOOGLE SEARCH.

more information can be found here

i have also found out why he is doing all this too, believe it or not it is his porn, nightflight was stealing dragon art all because it sexually aroused him and was porn to him
 found here…

Shea Abuses His Dog7 by AshDragon93
Shea Abuses His Dog5 by AshDragon93
Shea Abuses His Dog6 by AshDragon93
i'm not a teenager by AshDragon93

Shea Abuses His Dog3 by AshDragon93
this is by far one of the most messed up things i have found on his tumblr
if anyone lives in the VA WA area, please report him to animal control. 
He sexually abuses the dog every morning. It needs to be taken away from this monster.

he is also into vore as shown from him saying it right here
it's the same as porn and sex and everything else in that subject 
I'm Not Stupid by AshDragon93

nightflight himself confirmed it. He is into bestiality and why he's so obsessive with httyd.
there is always a reason to people who obsess, and apparently having fantasies of screwing dragons is one of them for NightFlight.

he is harassing people on Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr and many more websites. he uses personal information and illegally using it against his victims. this person does not care if he is breaking the law, he will stop at nothing till he is behind bars. 
He will keep doing this until someone does something about this. Now keep in mind the police have gone to his house 2 times now, and he is still going. 
no one is safe from this user, if you have drawn httyd art or dragons you will be a target. 

  1. Harassing and stalking people
  2. Sending death threats
  3. Sexually Harassing MINORS, he's doing this to children and threatening them
  4. Stealing artwork (this reason is that he claims stealing it is his porn, which is so fucking disgusting that he's doing this
  5. Has claimed to have committed a zoophilic act with his pet, a jack Russell terrier in his words.
  6. LEAKING personal information including but not limited to: IP addresses​, Location/Addresses, and the names of his victims
  7. Blackmailing victims with their personal information in order to force them to draw his lavender Nightfury OC
  8. Has threatened to physically "Find" his victims to take over their social medias and possibly harm them.
  9. Has HACKED into someone's account to mine for information

WHAT'S WORSE, is that he has a tendency to bully his victims by making shitposts on his Tumblr because he's too much of a coward to face the music.

if anyone is targeted by NightFlight at this point, and he starts stalking, harassing, or threatening you with mining personal information or threatening to post it or "find you" please call the VA WA police.
Screen+Shot+2017-03-29+at+7.41.37+am by AshDragon93 

he is back on DA but in hiding he has been coming back to this journal a lot and taking screenshot's, just from what i have seen from his twitter page 
this is the post i was talking about
Screen+Shot+2017-02-06+at+2.27.37+pm by AshDragon93

he is using one out of his 400 account's to get around on DA, that account that i know is xxrashaxxx. the account has been banned but he is still able to get your work and spy on people 

How To Protect Your Work 

if you feel like your art is going to get taken by this person, you can protect your work, and this is how you do it, alright hover over Submit and then go to your Manage Deviations and then go to more actions click on that and go down till you can see Members only and discourage sharing, do this for all your work, so now that you have done that your work should now be safe    

if you still don't know if it's him   
the only way you can tell it's him is when he posting other people's art work on his twitter page and tumblr, the only art he likes to post is his pink night fury dragon oc done by other's and anything dragon like, he also post Wings Of Fire art, keep in mind he never does his own art work. he also post's nice comment's like this  
Screen+Shot+2017-02-06+at+2.57.46+pm by AshDragon93 
he will leave these type of comment's on your account to try and get you to reply back, once you do, you have fallen for his trap. he will spam you like no tomorrow. he also demands updates on the drawings everyday, he does not care if you have a life, he just want's a drawing done by you fast, he does get very angry if you don't reply back and if you are taking your time on the drawing. he does type in a very weird way kind of like this, if you want to know.
Screen+Shot+2017-02-06+at+3.23.07+pm by AshDragon93
someone has made a video about this person, feel free to have a look at it here 

the video was done by :iconmiiksteak: thank you so much for making this video about nightflight versel 

before :iconmizat11: did report nightflight to the police, that can be found here  
Nightflight has been taken care ofI just received word from the detective who has now spoken with both him and his mother. I wanted to forward his message to you guys, but he has asked us not to do so. So I cannot share all the information and specifics that he learned and shared with us (Myself and two other people). There ARE some important things in the email that I feel you all should know.. But I'm waiting to hear back from him before I go ahead and share those.
But to summarize: He's been dealt with. Although nothing can legally stop him from returning, not even his parents (Since he is legally an adult). And he DID state that he intends to continue to visit dA, although likely with a helper, or someone to look after him, to ensure he doesn't get carried away with his impulsive behavior.
His internet service has been canceled and his laptop taken away. So at least for now, he wont be returning for a while.
I may post another journal later with more information, depending on what I am allowed to share.
But for now
  Regarding Nightflight [More Important Information]Alright, so... As I mentioned in the previous journal, we were asked not to copy and paste nor forward the detective's email, so... I wasn't able to include some important information. However, he DID tell me that I can share it's contents with my own words. So... Allow me to summarize what he said x.x
The detective discussed with both him and his mother about his online activity and how that could result in criminal behavior. From what he was able to tell, Shea is able to tell right from wrong. However, he has High functioning Autism, as well as impulse control issues, which may explain why he suddenly got all nasty with people who weren't complying with his requests, or answering his messages. He also displayed a complete lack of empathy, which IS indeed concerning. He was warned, again, to not engage with his threatening or stalking behavior online in the future. At this point, the detective suggested that if Shea wishes to interact with people online, that he do so with a "help
please have a read of it when you can 

this person is 24 year's old, and acts like a 12 year old, he has ADHD and Autism. The police have said he has it, he thinks because he has these things he thinks he in untouchable, he thinks it protects him from getting into trouble 

he is stealing other people's oc's (night fury and people's main oc's) and uploading them to other websites and using them with out people's permission, keep an eye open for them and report it   
Stealing by AshDragon93

from what i know he has done this before, he has done this for 6 year's or more, he has spammed people in the past. he has told people to go die, i'm sorry i don't have any proof of it, but someone did say he did. If he does tell you that please take screenshots of it, this person can spell and use grammar with out any problem but choices not too half the time.  
Screen+Shot+2016-04-20+at+10.58.27+pm by AshDragon93
he types fine in some part's and then add's messed up english in his other part's 

he has said in one of his post, he won't stop till he is dead or behind bars 
Shea Wont Stop Till Hes Dead by AshDragon93

this is what he really want's to become 
What He Really Wants To Become by AshDragon93

keep you eyes open for these type of people 
he is asking people to do his work for him as in asking them to go around da and ask's them to go on twitter or tumblr, just be carful about this, don't make a account if someone asks you to do it, just because someone does not have a da account     
Screen+Shot+2016-05-30+at+2.58.17+pm by AshDragon93

Be Warned about this

he is asking people to email him, so he can ask your to do a art trade, he does not like talking to people on DA, he want's to talk in private just so people like myself can't stop them from doing the drawing. you should not do it, if he asks you to email him please just ignore it, don't send him one at all 

he is stalking people's actives on DA, on their account's here is an example of what he is doing 

start hiding your activity on DA, he is stalking it and also posting it on a lot of it on his websites. Okay so if you go to your account you can see at the top in that bar 
about, groups,recent activity, statistics
so if you click on recent activity all of your stuff you have done on DA over the past weeks or months, you can see it all there. This is mine here for example  but you can not see mine now because it's hidden. this is what he is looking at and what i'm talking about in hiding, you can hide that in that box on edit
i hope you understand now   

a few year's a go now this is where the problem started he sent me over 14 notes begging me to do a drawing for him, but i'm sure he will send you even more, in the end i got so sick of it i just blocked him from spamming. if you ever see this person on your account BLOCK THEM, don't go though the hell i went though 

first time he came on my account this was the message he left me, and it was the same message on a lot of the other account's that i saw, but he has changed it to something else  

this was the message i saw first of him first on DA. at first i did not think much of it but maybe i should have 

and this is from my notes, as you can see a lot of them are blank 

here is a screenshot of someone trying to be nice them

this is what he looks like, i know i should never post photo's of what people look like, but this person has gotten to the point where he will stop at nothing until he is behind bars, he has said it himself. 

these photo's have been saved and are always kept in my
if anyone want's to take this police, now is a good time to do it  
i have done my part in all this, but i'll keep this up to date as best i can. i hope someone can use this to take this person down for good  

why i wont go to the police about this
people have asked me to report this guy to the police but because i'm in australia, there is nothing i can do. please understand i can not go to the police about this, he is not harassing me or annoying me right now, i will only go to them if he start's getting my personal information and if he start's annoying me again, but till then i'm really sorry i can not do anything about this, but maybe you can use this for information to tell the police your self, but i'm very sorry about that okay, truly i am :(

i would do something about this, but i can't    

he is from the Washington Vancouver (Not Canada) 
if anyone is from there and would like to talk with this person parents and to let them know whats going on and perhaps stop him then please go head and do it 
i can not do it because i'm from Australia. 

if you find any of your work on facebook or on any of his sites that he is posting your work on, please don't comment on it. just report the account and the work he has been posting on……
he wants to be well known for having formerly stolen so much nighfury art but now steals EVERYTHING HTTYD. from how this comment read, he wants to be known as the most famous HTTYD thief on the net

he claims right here the device he's now using since the cops intervened is a samsung galaxy tablet. which he has been taking with him to the library to log into wifi since he has none at home and cant use it there…

i'm sorry if my grammar and spelling is bad in some parts. i do have a reason for it, i myself have a learning disability, but i hope you can understand what i have put on this journal  

if this person is harassing you or threatening you, please let me know and please get screenshot's of him doing it, we need as much information as possible of him doing it
please don't note me, not unless it's very impotent alright, i will ignore notes if it's not impotent, i'm sorry alright. 

Updated on the 5th of November 2017
this journal was made back on the 3rd or April 2016

this journal was made by :iconashdragon93: and all the information has come from other people who have left comments on this journal to help myself and other out 

this was taken down before, but i'm uploading it again, sorry about that
all the information is from his account's and what i'm finding out from other people 
a lot of it is true some might not be 
but if you find any information about this user, please let me know by note or in the comments 

also you are very welcome for the warning, i'm happy you all know about this person now, i'm just trying my best to keep a lot of you safe
also yes you can share it if you like, i don't mind at all, it does help get the word out about this user  

his face has now been showen, have fun while you still last   
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WandererTamplior Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
His another account -
Cheeka41Aj Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He can also try to steal my ocs,but guess what,I don’t share crap about my ocs.
Cheeka41Aj Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He can attempt to harass me,blackmail me,etc.i will spread the word,to everyone I know
sdd-sketches Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
ooF hes back on his bullshit told me the same thing like seven times via messages n comments that were copypasted...both the accounts he used were deactivated within the past 24 hours but gEEZ
CynderWa Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Student Artist
New find account
also he did delete his account now , soon make new account on Da . 
Fusion-Drago020 Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Somebody needs to completely shut down his WiFi. And no WiFi provider should ever give him one again.
Tetdrax Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
This fucker is now attacking various Facebook groups as well. Here's his Facebook account:…

He really loves that fucking purple dragon picture, does he?

= P So, you noticed Shia. Thank you for linking me in your facebook! Now I can move onto the next step. Nyeeheeheehee!!!!

Ton of stolen art and mockery taunts on all of his victims are found on his twitter :twitter: and facebook :facebook:…
Hidden by Commenter
xNeonshadow21 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
geez he is such a pain in the butt he keeps harresing me for like 3 years now and keep blocking the hell out of him
now acting like oh no im not that person blabla on my art.…
XxJoyluvxX Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He tried to harass me on that new account after he blocked me first for being nice to him!? Will he stop or do I need to call the police lol
FullOfSpaghetti Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Can you send me some evidence of the harassment? Thank you!
CynderWa Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Artist
He never stop , if you say to him to you call police, he will block you , 
Lamp-P0st Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow I just blocked him and he watches me again on a new acc xd
Phsycomainiac Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He changed his account to
Lamp-P0st Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist I think this is his new account. He just watched me, has the broken english and has used a stolen image (ninja kato's adopt) as his icon. as well as posted a HTTYD image.
Night has been known to stalk and follow me the past 2 years
Black-Striped-FoX Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Few minutes ago he wrote me in Vk and Virink. Creepy guy, damn... X). I just banned two his accounts in vk, but there is much more i guess
FullOfSpaghetti Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Is this guy back!? I just found his twitter. I'm the one whom originally got his ass busted with the cops and I will do it again. Can people send me some updated info and proof of stealing please!

EDIT: I messaged him on twitter to let him know Im watching him. He instantly blocked me. :l Lets take out the trash, shall we?
EDIT 2: When I last spoke to the cop that handled his case I was told he would get jail time if he resumed harassing people and stealing.
hcnzo Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
I would definitely recommend contacting the police again if you can. You didn't really do anything wrong, because from the sound of it you weren't threatening him.
FullOfSpaghetti Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Me threatening him? What? All I messaged him on his twitter was 'hello I see you have returned"
hcnzo Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Professional General Artist
Nowhere did I accuse you of threatening him. I said you didn't threaten him, so your message cannot be used against you.
CynderWa Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
You did very wrong , 
you  should not give him message  . He always blocked every one if someone talk bad at him 
FullOfSpaghetti Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I did very wrong? How so? Being blocked isn't something I'm worried about.
CynderWa Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
I not worried he blocked me I didn’t gave a shit 
i always blocked him back 
LilDragonheart Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Guys I think he's back. The account toothlesismin has been deactivated, but another account :iconmasterterter: just watched me, and looking at the profile, it appears that this new account is indeed Shea.
AvalarianSpirit Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I literally hate how he uses an avatar containing savrin's character...and he's well-known for being a very nice mega-commissioner, even in times of other artists' need.
XxSynisterxX Featured By Owner 3 days ago
me too, I really hate how he used Clyde as his avatar 
savrin is a friend of mine and it really irritated me to see Clyde there.......
AvalarianSpirit Featured By Owner 3 days ago
He's a golden man of the dragon artists community. He shouldn't have his face disrespected like this.
XxSynisterxX Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I strony agree
I told savrin about it, still haven't gotten a reply yet XD
AvalarianSpirit Featured By Owner 3 days ago
He could have been very busy. Besides, I already told him about this guy. If he doesn't refer back to this journal every now and then, the most he'd do is remember this person exists.

He hasn't expressed hate for him to me, but I'm sure his feelings would be or could become very enmity-like against him nonetheless.
XxSynisterxX Featured By Owner 3 days ago
yes, for sure, id hate it if he used my oc's as his avatar 
LilDragonheart Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's what I noticed as well.
CynderWa Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
He did banned  his account because they  are blocks him and he wants make new account will  attack  Artist again, 
or steal art , 
LilDragonheart Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah :/
CynderWa Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
Now he take my comments, Also he said… news for you shithead foirign lost lil' teen with bad translation , you stil ont get it i can STIL see everyting everyone does i was noit concerned about being banned it was only a matter oif time, 2nd i habe a patron account now too ive moved there ;) 

 I don’t care what you talk about  it :)  people are didn’t give you A shit 
You will get very  old  and   Police Can arrested you soon  , 
LilDragonheart Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He actually commented on one of my comments on his Google + account and called me a “sweet treat”, which is a sexual term btw: :stare:
CynderWa Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Artist
AvalarianSpirit Featured By Owner May 17, 2018
Just dropping for reference:……

(also, Shea, if you're gonna shadow-reply via Twitter, >>don't<<. Makes you look more like a stalker)
AvalarianSpirit Featured By Owner May 17, 2018
Dude, you're not even close to punching me.…
"jut si ya know d8bshit i dont realy care and cirection: its sc dragon to yuo :) i also do it evreywegre so youw so idictocaly narowmindedto thin its only here"

Best guess of what's actually being said:
"Just so you know, dipshit, I don't really care, and correction: it's 'SC Dragon' to you. :) I also do it everywhere, so you're so idiotically narrow-minded to think it's only here."

Don't care enough to want to know what "SC Dragon" means, but come on....>>you are literally shadow-replying to a comment in one of a big chain of journals that points out that you do this everywhere.<< I'm not ignorant about you, and I'm nowhere near being actually classified as a "slow-thinker," even in spite of my own flaws. You know what actually makes me feel bad? When an actual artist puts criticism on me, but then I learn, or at least try, unlike you.

Don't forget who wanted to dox who. 
AvalarianSpirit Featured By Owner May 17, 2018
Actually, I'm you like who you stalk the most on a level you want to be their friend?
Well, fuck you too, then.

You're still going to suffer on your last moments, I guarantee it. It will not be a painless goodbye.


Can't handle the truth of your bad nature, huh? :^)))))))))))))))))))))
Viperwings Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He's currently going by the name of Toothlsismin
ArzinPhoenix Featured By Owner May 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MisterLuK Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He has been watching me for a couple days, and today after checking my watchers I saw toothlesismin, already blocked him. Thanks for the advertisement, I hope for his own safety that he didn't stole any of my art, cause on this journal there's enough info to make a complete file for the authorities against him, and if he did I'm going to get really mad.
LilDragonheart Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for posting this. I have already warned several artists who are being watched by him. He actually watched me a while ago, but after reading this, I blocked him immediately.

This person is absolutely disgusting and I hope his ass lands in jail soon.
Scourgethedestron Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Professional General Artist
What a disgusting human being he is!
ZiaWatcher Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hcnzo Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Professional General Artist
he does that on purpose
XxSynisterxX Featured By Owner Edited May 2, 2018
Toothlesismin watched me, I have blocked him now, as people have sent me some warnings saying it might be him.... 
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